Tokyo is an exciting, vibrant city with so much to see and do, but this week I was a woman on a mission! I flew over to speak at the Decoded Fashion conference, as well as catching up with some of the Japanese editors and attending a dinner with Condé Nast Japan. Another whirlwind trip…

aAfter a 12 hour flight I landed in Tokyo and made my way to the Grand Hyatt where I was staying. To combat jet lag and get circulation going after a long haul flight I love to do a light workout, so headed to Nagomi Spa and Fitness as soon as I arrived at the hotel, before getting a massage and heading to bed. I wanted to be up early for a full day of press appointments!


It was great to catch up with some of the Japanese editors I have known over the years who have seen my business grow, as well as meeting some new ones. We had a lot to talk about and discussed Rodial in Japan, our recent make up launch and of course all the new digital initiatives that I am doing for the business, including the recently launched B2B sculpting app and upcoming relaunch of the MrsRodial youtube channel.


That evening I was invited to a dinner hosted by Condé Nast Japan, where I met some truly amazing people, including the very charming Editor in Chief of Vogue Japan, Mitsuko Watanabe. I also met president of Isetan department stores Hiroshi Onishi, as well as some really inspirational entrepreneurs of the digital world in Japan. I wore my trusted Stella McCartney jumpsuit (this has got to be one of my best investments ever!) with Nichols Kirkwood velvet wedges and a Philip Lim Jacket. It was such an interesting and inspiring group of people I could have stayed until the early hours, but I needed to get an early night for my speech the next morning!

dThe next day started with my speech at the Decoded Fashion Conference, moderated by the DF visionary and founder Liz Bacelar, who grilled Henry Holland and I on our digital marketing strategies. Knowing Henry and Liz helped to make me feel completely at ease on stage and I really enjoyed our presentation. Then a quick dinner with our Japanese distributor to discuss plans for Rodial at the Isetan stores and I was ready to return to London!


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Maria X

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