Soho Farmhouse

Soho Farmhouse is the latest offering from the Soho House Group and luckily for me, a short drive from my Cotswold home. After a busy Saturday speaking at the Sheer Luxe Entrepeneurs of Tomorrow event, on Sunday I headed back to the country with my husband and two sons to explore…

rodial-soho-farmhouseWe ate lunch in the Main Barn, which serves the likes of pizzas, roast suckling pig, ham hock and chicken pie, salads and traditional deserts. With more than 500 different fruits and vegetables grown onsite in the vast garden, the Main Barn restaurant (overseen by celebrity chef Tom Aikens) is almost entirely self-sufficient when it comes to produce. Pork and beef come from a neighboring farm; Aikens cures meats in a cabinet lined with Himalayan salt; the kitchen makes its own butter, cheese and bread; and pre-mixed cocktails are flavored with house herbs.

As well as the main restaurant where we had lunch, guests can make use of the heated indoor-outdoor pool, go for a drink in the on-site pub, use the cowshed gym and spa, ride out on one of the 11 horses or have their hair styled by the team at Josh Wood. It’s the perfect weekend escape from London and the ultimate way to spend a lazy Sunday.



Soho Farmhouse I’ll be back soon…

Maria X

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