Lunch with Mary Katrantzou

Mary Katrantzou is one of London’s brightest fashion talents and and a real inspiration to many. We caught up over lunch at The Ivy Chelsea garden, to talk fashion, beauty and the challenges we face as women in business.


Mary’s unbelievable talent to use bold, overall prints has been a huge influence on today’s fashion and I have long been a fan of her beautiful designs. Her iconic, arty florals and use of expressive colours can be seen to have inspired many designers and on a personal level, I admire her ability to remain innovative whilst also staying true to her brand.

It was for both these reasons that Mary Katrantzou was the perfect  brand for a Rodial-Mary-Katrantzou-candlecollaboration. We worked together to create this beautiful limited edition candle, which features the Babelle print and is inspired by Mary’s Nature vs Nurture collection. Being able to merge these two luxury brands was something I really enjoyed and it was great to catch up on everything Mary has been up to since. I am always inspired by other women who run their own business and find it interesting to exchange ideas and share the challenges we face.

The Ivy-Chelsea-Rodial-Katrantzou

You can buy the limited edition Mary Katrantzou and Rodial candle here.

I am off to New York next week – follow my trip on Instagram @Mrsrodial

Maria X

3 thoughts on “Lunch with Mary Katrantzou

  1. do you have any counter vacancies available in your company in the UK?

    Beauty comes from within.

    Pauline Lucy Bowen.Bsy bbs., Beauty Consultant,Skincare Specialist,Parfums Consultant.


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