How To Get Instagram Famous


How to gain more followers and become Instagram famous is something I am often asked about in interviews and on social media. There is no magic formula, but my ten tips can increase your following and help build a loyal audience.


Instagram is not only fun, but can be a great way to grow your brand and I love the way it enables me to connect with our customer in the digital age. I recently spoke on the subject of social media at the Web Summit in Dublin, but I wanted to film a video for the YouTube Channel which focused on Instagram, as this is without a doubt my favourite app! Whether you use it as a means to start and grow your business, or it is just a hobby, use my top ten tips to get noticed, encourage others to follow and to then keep them engaged.

  • Be consistent

Keep posts regular in terms of subject, timing and frequency. For example posting an ootd (outfit of the day) every Saturday and a beauty post every Monday.

  • Find your niche

Think about what you want people to know your account for, whether this is fashion, beauty, food or travel. It may be tempting to include everything but it pays to focus on one subject.

  • Consider who you yourself are following

Aim to follow like minded people, with similar interests and a similar number of followers. This will help get you noticed and they are more likely to follow you back.

  • Be social

Actively like and follow other accounts, as well as leaving your comments.

  • Be smart with hash tags

Research your industry or subject to find the right hashtags, but also consider what is currently trending. Copy these into your notes so you can access them easily, but make sure to review regularly in order to keep them relevant.

  • Don’t over post

Post between one and three times a day. Keep it consistent by posting each day but don’t over share, even if there is a lot going on people will soon become disengaged.

  • Timing is everything

Post at the times people are most likely to check their feed, for example during the week this is first thing in the morning and late at night, however this will vary if you have a big international following.

  • Beware of filters

Avoid over use of filters, the trend right now is for raw images with good lighting, shot from a great angle.

  • Keep image quality high

This point links to the above. Although iphone photos can be good if the lighting is great, if you really want to grow your following it is important to invest a good quality camera, many bloggers can vouch for this.

  • Create a bank of images

There will be times when something exciting is happening and you are too busy to shoot, as well as quieter times. At those times it is good to have a bank of good quality images to use, whether this is a coffee, clothing or scenery shot.

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Maria X

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