My Hello Fashion Shoot!

This was such a fun and exciting shoot for me! I welcomed the amazing and hardworking photographers and crew into my home and started of the morning with a lot of coffees and green tea ( my favourite!)

After a lot of Yes, No’s and Maybe’s, my stylist and I put together my shoot outfits- from casual to super glam ones, and I was obsessed every single one. I love feeling great in what I wear, as it makes me feel confident and ready to take on whatever the day brings.For my hair and make-up we went for a subtly voluminous look. I did my signature straight hair and added some volume to the back.


So we shot in 7 different locations in my house to capture different moods and vibes. I   particularly love this shot on the sofa as it portrays a sense of determination and fierceness. This shoot was all about how I started and grew my business, so I like the way this picture captures that vibe.

  Here are some of my favourite pics from the shoot!


  I would like thank the wonderful Morgane & Jonny for the aaamazing photos – go check out their website

maria9           maria8

Stay tunes babes for a lot of exciting projects int he new year.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year..XMaria

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