PODCAST: How Fitness Can Lead You To Success

Confession: I started exercising out of vanity. I wanted to look good. Little did I know I actually needed it, more importantly, for my sanity over any other reason.

Between juggling work, family, social media, my book and now podcast, life can be crazy (to say the least!). Finding a way to integrate working out into my life wasn’t always easy but I did it — and if you’re reading this thinking you can’t; that there’s no way your busy schedule allows for it, I’m telling you right this second you can.

In this episode of the Overnight Success Podcast, I’m joined by writer and podcaster Liv Siddall to discuss how fitness can lead you to success, how exactly to slot it into your day-to-day life when you have zero time and why we love Beyoncé’s fitness tips over every other celebrity’s. I want you all to feel as motived as me!

Join me on this journey and please leave a review and a comment so we can share the positive vibes with all the boss babes out there! Feel free message me at @mrsrodial on any topics you want me to cover in future episodes.

Thank you for listening and enjoy the ride!


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